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Immunogenetics. 1983;18(6):585-92.

Genetic control of T-cell subset representation in inbred mice.


Lyt-2+ T cells constitute a significantly greater proportion of the total peripheral T-cell population in C57BL mice than in BALB/c and other mouse strains. The inheritance of this differential representation of Lyt-2- vs. Lyt-2+ T cells was studied by two-color immunofluorescence analysis of peripheral T cell subsets in BALB/c, C57BL, F1 and F2 generations, and in CXB recombinant inbred strains. It was shown that the C57BL phenotype (low Lyt-2-/Lyt-2+ ratio) is a dominant Mendelian character. Studies of subpopulations of thymocytes and of early thymus emigrants indicate that the representation of mature Lyt-2- and Lyt-2+ T cells is influenced by mechanisms of selection or differential turnover in the peripheral lymphoid organs, but that thymic and prethymic influences may also play a role.

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