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J Bacteriol. 1984 Mar;157(3):746-50.

Chromosomal mapping of Bacillus thuringiensis by transduction.


Three groups of linked markers were mapped in Bacillus thuringiensis 4042B by using two-, three-, and four-factor crosses mediated by the temperate bacteriophages TP-13 and TP-18. The order of markers was (trp-11, trp-2)-(leu-1, leu-2)-his-1-(lys-1, lys-2)-cys-1 in the first group; met-1-(argCl, argOl)-met-2-(pyr-1, pyrA2) in the second group; and met-3-pur-1-(nal-1, nal-2)-str-1-(pur-2, pur-4)-pur-3 in the third group. Electron microscopic measurements of head sizes suggested that the volume of the TP-13 phage head is seven times greater than that of the TP-18 phage head. The TP-18 genome was shown by DNA restriction analysis to have a molecular mass of 36 megadaltons. TP-13 was useful for scanning large segments of the B. thuringiensis chromosome, and TP-18 was effective for ordering markers too closely linked for simple resolution with TP-13.

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