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Scand J Dent Res. 1983 Aug;91(4):288-95.

Regional variations in viable bacterial and yeast counts of 1-week-old denture plaque in denture-induced stomatitis.


Quantitative cultural studies of yeasts and bacteria were made from 1-week-old denture plaque accumulated on pieces of self-adhesive tape stuck on the fitting surface of the maxillary denture in four well-defined locations. A tape piece was also stuck on the buccal denture flange. The cultural examinations were made in 15 patients with denture-induced stomatitis which affected most of the denture-bearing mucosa. There was no significant difference of the bacterial counts from the different sampling areas although the variations between patients was significant. The yeast counts from the test area located on the buccal denture flange were significantly lower than those originating from the fitting denture surface. On the other hand, there was no significant variation of the yeast counts when comparing the test areas of the fitting denture surface. In 12/15 of the patients yeast counts of greater than or equal to 10(3)/cm2 were obtained from the fitting denture surface. The results indicate that the environmental conditions beneath a denture base predispose for yeast colonization and are different from those present on the buccal flange.

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