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J Mol Biol. 1984 Aug 25;177(4):575-90.

DNA sequences complementary to human 7 SK RNA show structural similarities to the short mobile elements of the mammalian genome.


A complementary DNA clone of 7 SK RNA from HeLa cells was used to study the genomic organization of 7 SK sequences in the human genome. Genomic hybridizations and genomic clones show that 7 SK is homologous to a family of disperse repeated sequences most of which lack the 3' end of the 7 SK RNA sequence. Only few of the genomic K sequences are homologous to both 3' and 5' 7 SK probes and presumably include the gene(s) for 7 SK RNA. The sequence of four genomic 7 SK clones confirms that they are in most cases pseudogenes. Although Alu sequences are frequently found near the 3' and 5' end of K DNA, the sequences immediately flanking the pseudogenes are different in all clones studied. However, direct repeats were found flanking directly the K DNA or the K-Alu unit, suggesting that the K sequences alone or in conjunction with Alu DNA might constitute a mobile element.

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