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Influence of skin temperature distribution on thermal sensation in a cool environment.


Thermal sensation and distribution of skin temperatures in persons exercising at 36.5 W on a bicycle ergometer and resting in a cool environment (10 degrees C) in two different clothings, one with the insulation mainly over the trunk (1.22 clo), and one with well insulated limbs (1.67 clo), were studied. Their general thermal sensations varied from slightly warm to slightly cool. The placing of the insulation had a decisive influence on skin temperature distribution, so that skin temperature was always high in well-insulated areas. When the insulation was placed over the limbs, a greater amount of heat was lost than if a similar insulation was placed on the trunk. Neither Tsk nor skin temperature distribution correlated with general thermal sensation. Instead, mean body temperature seemed to be the determinant of general thermal sensation in these conditions. The best prediction of general thermal sensation was obtained by adding Tre with a weighting factor of 0.8-0.9 and Tsk with a weighting factor of 0.1-0.2.

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