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In Vitro. 1984 Sep;20(9):671-6.

Fish cell lines: establishment and characterization of nine cell lines from salmonids.


Nine permanent cell lines have been established from five species of salmonids native to America's Pacific Northwest. With the exception of a hepatoma from an adult trout, the lines were derived from normal tissues of embryonic or juvenile fish. Cells were routinely grown in Eagle's minimum essential medium with 10% fetal bovine serum. Optimum growth temperatures for these lines ranged from 21 to 24 degrees C. All survived storage for at least 1 yr at -65 degrees C and at least 5 yr in liquid nitrogen. Six of the lines were demonstrably free of any microbial contamination but mycoplasmas were found in three. Eight of the lines were heteroploid. The morphology of only one was fibroblastic. All the lines effectively replicated one or more of the common salmonid viruses. Isozyme patterns were consistent with those of the species of origin. These cell lines have significant application in fish virology.

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