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Neurology. 1984 Jun;34(6):758-63.

The sweating deficiency in diabetes mellitus: methods of quantitation and clinical correlation.


A method that measures the amount of sweat evaporating from the skin was used to quantitate the sweating deficiency that accompanies diabetic neuropathy. The decreased amount of sweat secreted after pilocarpine stimulation was proportional to the reduction in number of excitable sweat glands, and to the decrease in water measured by the summed volume of all sweat droplets secreted. The results also correlated favorably with the degree of sensory loss to painful stimuli, but not to the alpha motor nerve conduction velocity or motor axon loss evaluated by muscle action potentials evoked from foot muscles. Respiratory-cardiovascular reflexes, as measured by the Valsalva ratio, were always abnormal in patients with demonstrated sweating deficiency and often in patients with normal sweat function.

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