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Aust Vet J. 1984 Nov;61(11):353-6.

Histopathology of experimental brucellosis in rams following vaccination with Brucella ovis.


Lesions induced by inoculation of Brucella ovis into the epididymis were compared in rams previously vaccinated with B. ovis bacterin and unvaccinated rams. Inoculation of killed B. ovis did not produce significant lesions in either group whereas prior vaccination exacerbated epididymal lesions following inoculation of live B. ovis. Increased numbers of neutrophils, macrophages and lymphocytes were present in the interstitium and neutrophilic infiltration of the epididymal duct epithelium and intraepithelial cyst formation was more prominent. The inflammatory response surrounding extravasated spermatozoa was more severe in vaccinated rams but it was not determined if the response was directed at spermatozoa or intermixed brucellae, or both.

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