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Anat Anz. 1984;157(5):365-73.

Morphological and morphometrical study of the kidney of the male tropical lizard Tropidurus torquatus.


A morphological and morphometrical study of the adult male Tropidurus torquatus kidney was undertaken. The nephron is composed of the following segments: renal corpuscle, neck segment, proximal convoluted tubule, intermediate segment, and distal tubule. The nephron is continued into the collecting duct and sexual segment. A large number of ciliated cells in the intermediate segment, the presence of 2 kinds of cells in the collecting ducts and a well developed permanently retained sexual segment were recorded as special features of this organ. The components of the renal parenchyma had the following relative volumes: proximal convoluted tubule = 56.4%, intermediate segment = 5.1%, distal tubule = 13.0%, collecting duct = 5.2%, and sexual segment = 11.6%.

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