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Psychoneuroendocrinology. 1984;9(4):405-14.

Adult erotosexual status and fetal hormonal masculinization and demasculinization: 46,XX congenital virilizing adrenal hyperplasia and 46,XY androgen-insensitivity syndrome compared.


Among 30 young women with a history of the treated adrenogenital syndrome (CVAH), 11 (37%) rated themselves as bisexual or homosexual. Among a control group consisting of 15 women with the 46,XY androgen-insensitivity syndrome (AIS) plus 12 with the Rokitansky syndrome (MRKS), the corresponding figure was 2 (7%), both bisexual. Chi-square was significant beyond the 0.01 level. In Kinsey's 1953 sample 15% of women experienced homoerotic arousal imagery by age 20, and 10% had had homoerotic partner contact. The most likely hypothesis to explain the CVAH findings is that of a prenatal and/or neonatal masculinizing effect on sexual dimorphism of the brain in interaction with other developmental variables.

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