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Clin Neuropharmacol. 1984;7(4):357-62.

Estrogen receptors in brain tumors.


We examined the cytosolic estrogen receptor (ER) level in tumor tissue from 77 patients: 36 meningiomas, 20 gliomas (12 glioblastomas, 2 cerebellar astrocytomas, 2 ependymomas, and 4 medulloblastomas), 8 neurinomas, 7 pituitary adenomas (2 prolactin-producing adenomas, 1 growth hormone-producing adenoma, and 4 nonfunctioning adenomas), and 6 metastatic brain tumors (1 from breast cancer, 4 from lung cancers, and 1 from colon cancer). Nuclear ER levels were assayed in 11 meningiomas and 2 glioblastomas. ER was determined by the dextran-coated charcoal method and calculated by Scatchard analysis. Cytosolic ER was detected in 100% of the pituitary adenomas, 50% of the meningiomas, 50% of the metastatic brain tumors, 25% of the neurinomas, and 15% of the gliomas. In gliomas, only medulloblastomas had ER activity. Nuclear ER was found in three premenopausal women with meningioma. The dissociation constant of the ER complex was, in each case, less than 10(-9) M. These observations suggest that some brain tumors may be responsive to estrogen via the cellular ER.

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