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Biochemistry. 1984 Oct 9;23(21):4890-905.

Assignment of 1H NMR resonances of histidine and other aromatic residues in met-, cyano-, oxy-, and (carbon monoxy)myoglobins.


The resolved 1H NMR resonances of the aromatic region in the 270-MHz NMR spectrum of sperm whale, horse, and pig metmyoglobin (metMb) have been assigned, including the observable H-2 and H-4 histidine resonances, the tryptophan H-2 resonances, and upfield-shifted resonances from one tyrosine residue. The use of different Mb species, carboxymethylation, and matching of pK values allows the assignment of the H-4 resonances, which agree in only three cases out of seven with scalar-correlated two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy assignments by others. The conversion to hydroxymyoglobin at high pH involves rearrangements throughout the molecule and is observed by many assigned residues. In sperm whale ferric cyanomyoglobin, nine H-2 and eight H-4 histidine resonances have been assigned, including the His-97 H-2 resonance and tyrosine resonances from residues 103 and 146. The hyperfine-shifted resonances from heme and near-heme protons observe a shift with a pK = 5.3 +/- 0.3 (probably due to deprotonation of His-97, pK = 5.6) and another shift at pK = 10.8 +/- 0.3. The spectrum of high-spin ferrous sperm whale deoxymyoglobin is very similar to that of metMb, which allows the assignment of seven surface histidine H-2 and H-4 resonances and also resonances from the two tryptophan residues and one tyrosine. In diamagnetic sperm whale (carbon monoxy)myoglobin (COMb), 10 His H-2 and 11 His H-4 resonances are observed, and 8 H-2 and 9 H-4 resonances are assigned, including His-64 H-4, the distal histidine. This important resonance is not observed in sperm whale oxymyoglobin, which in general shows very similar titration curves to COMb. Histidine-36 shows unusual titration behavior in the paramagnetic derivatives but normal behavior in the diamagnetic derivatives, which is discussed in the accompanying paper [Bradbury, J. H., & Carver, J. A. (1984) Biochemistry (following paper in this issue)].

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