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J Neurocytol. 1984 Aug;13(4):567-91.

Synaptic organization of the outer plexiform layer of the turtle retina: an electron microscope study of serial sections.


Neural connections in the outer plexiform layer of the Pseudemys turtle retina have been studied by electron microscopy of serial ultrathin sections. While the distinguishing features of the photoreceptors have been described elsewhere, in this paper we describe the patterns of connectivity between identified second order neurons and identified photoreceptors or amongst second order neurons themselves. Basal telodendria emitted from double cone pedicles interconnect the two members of the double cone. Three morphologically different types of junction are made between bipolar cells and cone pedicles. H1 horizontal cells can be distinguished from H2 horizontal cells and synapses occur between them. Axon terminals of H1 cells are presynaptic to H1 cell bodies. Photoreceptors, H1 cell bodies and H1 axon terminals engage in electrical junctions while chemical synapses occur from both types of horizontal cell to bipolar cells. On rare occasions, bipolar cell dendrites were seen to be presynaptic to other bipolar cell dendrites. The significance of some of these contacts for the electrophysiological findings on the OPL of the turtle retina is discussed.

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