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Exp Brain Res. 1984;56(2):257-62.

Reversible cooling of the brainstem reveals areas required for mesencephalic locomotor region evoked treadmill locomotion.


The evidence suggests that the mesencephalic locomotor region (MLR) may not be a unitary region since anatomical and functional variations in the descending projections are clearly indicated. Reversible cooling of midline reticular structures can effectively block locomotion evoked by stimulation of lateral MLR (L3.5-4) sites while not significantly affecting the locomotion evoked from more medial MLR (L2-2.5) sites. In contrast, locomotion evoked by stimulation of the medial MLR sites is blocked by cooling of the ipsilateral lateral brainstem region which corresponds to the pontomedullary strip (PLS). Ipsilateral PLS cooling was not effective for blocking lateral MLR evoked locomotion, and contralateral PLS cooling was not effective for blocking either medial or lateral MLR evoked stepping. The evidence indicates that the lateral MLR relays through medial reticular nuclei while the medial MLR sites relay largely through the lateral brainstem structures often referred to as the PLS.

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