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Cell. 1980 Oct;21(3):709-15.

Molecular cloning and selection of genes regulated in Aspergillus development.


Over 350 clones homologous to poly(A)+ RNAs that are significantly more prevalent in conidiating cultures of Aspergillus nidulans than in somatic cells have been selected from a recombinant DNA library formed between nuclear DNA and lambda Charon 4A. The procedure used for this selection involved in situ hybridization to a cDNA probe which had been selectively depleted of sequences represented in somatic cells by complement hybridization. Five of these clones have been characterized further. All but one encoded poly(A)+ RNAs that were at least ten times more prevalent in conidiating cultures than in somatic cells. One clone hybridized to a single, developmentally regulated RNA. The three others were complementary to several RNAs having different molecular weights, each of which was more prevalent in condiating cultures than in vegetative cells. These results and quantitative aspects of the selection procedure suggest that developmentally controlled poly(A)+ RNA coding regions may not be distributed randomly in the Aspergillus genome.

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