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Aust Vet J. 1980 Aug;56(8):353-8.

Inexpensive techniques for the production and maintenance of gnotobiotic piglets, calves and lambs.


An inexpensive system was developed for the routine derivation and maintenance of gnotobiotic piglets, calves and lambs. Isolator chambers to house these animals were welded in the laboratory from flexible, clear polyvinylchloride film. The isolators consisted of either a simple, closed cylindrical chamber, or for the larger animals, a fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tub surmounted by a flexible film canopy. The isolators were adaptable for a variety of purposes and most components were interchangeable between isolators. The assembled isolators were sterilised with peracetic acid. Over 300 gnotobiotic piglets, 29 gnotobiotic calves and 18 gnotobiotic or specific pathogen free lambs have been reared successfully by these techniques. Six colostrum deprived foals and a litter of conventional puppies have been successfully maintained in microbial isolation in these isolators. The FRP tub base isolators also proved suitable for housing gnotobiotic weaner piglets. No viral or bacterial cross contamination was detected between isolators housing experimentally infected animals.

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