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Nature. 1984 Nov 15-21;312(5991):280-2.

Regulation of heat shock protein 70 gene expression by c-myc.


The myc gene seems to have a causal role in tumour formation in man, mouse and avian systems. The myc gene product has been localized to the nucleus, suggesting that it may be involved in the regulation of gene expression. The level of expression of the mammalian heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) gene is elevated in several tumour cell lines, implying that a cellular function expressed in these tumour lines can stimulate HSP70 production. We report here that the gene product of a rearranged mouse c-myc gene is capable of stimulating expression of chimaeric genes containing a Drosophila hsp70 promoter region and 5'-flanking sequences. This stimulation is dependent on sequences located more than 200 bases 5' of the normal start of hsp70 transcription.

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