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Eur J Biochem. 1984 Jul 16;142(2):361-6.

Enzymic synthesis of the iron-sulfur cluster of spinach ferredoxin.


A biologically active spinach ferredoxin was reconstituted from the apoprotein by incubation with catalytic amounts of the sulfurtransferase rhodanese in the presence of thiosulfate, reduced lipoate and ferric ammonium citrate. Analytical and spectroscopical features of the reconstituted ferredoxin were identical to those of the native one; yield of the reconstitution reaction was 80%. Yields and kinetic parameters of the enzymic and chemical reconstitution were also compared. The higher efficiency of the enzymic system is ascribed to a productive interaction between rhodanese and apoferredoxin favouring the process of cluster build-up and insertion. The physiological relevance of this synthetic activity is discussed.

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