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Invest Radiol. 1983 Nov-Dec;18(6):536-40.

The renal hemodynamic response to diatrizoate in normal and diabetic rats.


To study the renal hemodynamic response to a large intravenous bolus of a radiocontrast agent, 8 ml/kg body weight of 60% diatrizoate meglumine (D-60) was infused over 30 seconds in both normal rats and rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes. The effect of equiosmolar mannitol (1350 mOsm/kg) was compared with the D-60 response in normal rats to examine the potential role of hypertonicity in mediating a response. A similar two-phase response was seen in all three groups. The effect of D-60 in normal rats was similar to that of mannitol, but all responses were reduced in diabetic rats. During Phase I in normal rats in response to D-60 there was a transient three-minute reduction in blood pressure (BP), and renal blood flow (RBF) fell by 62 +/- 7%. During Phase II blood pressure did not change from normal baseline values, but RBF fell by 29 +/- 5%; GFR fell by 42 +/- 3%, and filtration fraction (FF) diminished. In diabetic rats baseline FF was lower than normal and was not further reduced after infusion of D-60. It is suggested that D-60 reduces RBF and GFR by a nonspecific osmotic effect, perhaps related to tubuloglomerular feedback or to an acute increase in intratubular pressure. Responses to these mechanisms may be reduced in diabetic rats with a chronic glycosuric osmotic diuresis.

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