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Cell. 1983 Sep;34(2):525-33.

Disassembly and reconstitution of signal recognition particle.


Signal recognition particle (SRP) is a ribonucleoprotein consisting of six distinct polypeptides and one molecule of small cytoplasmic 7SL-RNA. The particle was previously shown to function in protein translocation across, and protein integration into, the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. A rapid procedure was developed to disassemble SRP into native protein and RNA components. The method utilizes unfolding of SRP with EDTA and dissociation on polycationic matrixes. SRP proteins prepared this way sediment below 7S and are inactive in activity assays. When recombined with 7SL-RNA in the presence of magnesium, the proteins are shown to reassociate stoichiometrically with 7SL-RNA to form fully active 11S SRP.

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