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Am J Physiol. 1983 Jul;245(1):C113-20.

Role of membrane fusion in CO2 stimulation of proton secretion by turtle bladder.


The changes in cell structure produced during stimulation of proton secretion by CO2 in turtle bladder were examined using ultrastructural morphometric methods. One hour after CO2 addition, the area of the luminal membrane of the carbonic anhydrase-containing (CA) cell population was increased 2.5-fold and the volume percent of electron-lucent cytoplasmic vesicles in these CA cells was decreased by 61%. No changes were observed in the epithelial granular cells. These results suggest that during CO2 stimulation the vesicles fuse with the luminal membrane. CO2 stimulation of proton secretion is inhibited by the cytoskeleton-disrupting drugs colchicine and cytochalasin B and by 99% deuterium oxide as the Ringer solvent. Deuterium oxide also inhibits the decrease in cytoplasmic vesicles. Thus stimulation of proton secretion by turtle bladder CA cells depends to a large extent on vesicle fusion and the resultant increase in luminal surface area.

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