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J Dairy Res. 1983 Feb;50(1):77-89.

Isolation and some properties of extracellular heat-stable lipases from Pseudomonas fluorescens strain AFT 36.


Aeration increased the growth and lipase production in milk by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain AFT 36, isolated from refrigerated bulk milk. A heat-stable lipase was isolated from a shaken milk culture of this microorganism by DEAE-chromatography and gel filtration in Sepharose 6B. The lipase-rich fraction from DEAE cellulose contained 3 lipases that were separated by gel filtration; only the principal lipase, which represented approximately 71% of total lipolytic activity, was characterized. The purified enzyme showed maximum activity on tributyrin at pH 8.0 and 35 degrees C; it had a Km on tributyrin of 3.65 mM and was inhibited by concentrations of substrate greater than approximately 17 mM. The enzyme was very stable over the pH range 6-9; it was relatively heat-labile in phosphate buffer in the temperature range 60-80 degrees C, where it was stabilized significantly by Ca2+. It was, however, very stable at 100-150 degrees C: the D values at 150 degrees C were approximately 22 s and 28 s in phosphate buffer and synthetic milk serum respectively; the corresponding Z values in the temperature range 100-150 degrees C were approximately 40 and approximately 42 degrees C and the Ea for inactivation were 7.65 X 10(4) J mol-1 and 6.97 X 10(4) J mol-1 respectively.

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