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Eur J Immunol. 1983 Feb;13(2):123-32.

The genetic basis of antibody production: a single heavy chain variable region gene encodes all molecules bearing the dominant anti-arsonate idiotype in the strain A mouse.


A nucleic acid probe specific for heavy chains bearing the cross-reactive idiotype (Id) associated with the anti-p-azophenylarsonate response of strain A mice has been prepared. Analysis of arsonate-binding Id+ hybridoma cell lines has revealed that all of them contain the same germ-line VH gene rearranged to the JH2 segment. An Id+ hybridoma which is unable to bind arsonate utilized the same VH gene, but it has apparently rearranged to the JH4 segment. Id- cell lines contain other rearranged VH genes. Analysis of DNa of strain A mice revealed that there is apparently only one germ line gene that can give rise to Id+ heavy chains. Since the Id is expressed as a large collection (greater than 50) of related but nonidentical heavy chain sequences, we conclude that their diversity is the result of a somatic mutation process. Analysis of a single hybridoma cell line (45-59) reveals that somatic mutation can operate on an Id-encoding gene and result in an antigen-binding molecule that has lost all of its Id determinants. Further analysis of the genome of strain A mice has revealed the presence of germ-line genes differing from the Id-encoding gene by at least 8 base pairs. These genes, however, apparently do not contribute to the anti-arsonate Id response.

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