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J Neurochem. 1983 Jan;40(1):84-90.

Serum albumin washing specifically enhances arachidonate incorporation into synaptosomal phosphatidylinositols.


Arachidonate incorporation into synaptosomal phospholipids was shown to be affected by factors including the procedure for preparation of the membrane fractions and preincubation of synaptosomes prior to assay of incorporation of arachidonate into both phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylinositol (PI). However, the inhibition toward incorporation into PIs, but not PCs, was fully reversed when the membranes were washed with bovine serum albumin. A twofold increase in arachidonate incorporation into PIs was also observed when freshly prepared synaptosomes were washed with serum albumin immediately before assay of incorporation activity. The inhibitory action is thought to be due to an increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids and/or their oxidation products which may then elicit a special effect on the acyltransferase responsible for transferring arachidonate into phosphatidylinositols. The differences in fatty acid uptake and response to serum albumin also suggest the presence of different acyltransferase for acyl transfer to PIs and PCs.

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