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Gene. 1984 Dec;32(1-2):41-8.

Nucleotide sequence and transcriptional start point of the phosphomannose isomerase gene (manA) of Escherichia coli.


A 1.6-kb MspI-HindIII chromosomal DNA segment, carrying the complete coding region of the 6-phosphomannose isomerase (PMI) structural gene, manA, and the 5' end of the gene encoding the major fumarase activity, fumA, of Escherichia coli K-12, has been sequenced using the chain termination method. The start points of manA and fumA transcripts were located by S1 mapping using 32P-labelled M13 ssDNA probes, and the two genes were shown to be transcribed divergently. The sequence of the 390 amino acid residues comprising the PMI monomer has been deduced, and the predicted Mr of 42 716 agrees with that for the protein of Mr 42 000 identified previously by the maxicell procedure.

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