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Gene. 1984 Feb;27(2):233-7.

Molecular cloning of the ADE1 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and stability of the transformants.


Plasmid YEp ( ADE1 )1a, containing a 2.7-kb Sau3A fragment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA inserted at the BamHI site of the yeast shuttle vector pBTI -1 (Morris et al., 1981), results in high frequency, unstable transformation of ade 1 yeast strains. A second plasmid, YRp ( ADE1 )2, containing adjacent 0.5-kb and 3.0-kb BamHI fragments in pBR322 gave three types of yeast transformants: (1) transformants carrying extrachromosomal copies of the plasmid which indicate the presence of a functional ars sequence, (2) transformants indistinguishable from ade 1 strains by hybridization analysis, and (3) a transformant carrying a multimeric form of YRp ( ADE1 )2. Cells transformed with either of the plasmids are free of the red pigment characteristic of ade 1 mutants and indicate potential for direct colour-based selection of yeast transformants using ADE1 plasmids.

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