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J Biol Chem. 1984 Apr 25;259(8):5010-6.

Relative affinities of all Escherichia coli aminoacyl-tRNAs for elongation factor Tu-GTP.


The relative affinities of all Escherichia coli amino-acyl-tRNAs for E. coli elongation factor (EF) Tu-GTP have been measured by two independent applications of the competition form of the ribonuclease resistance assay. The set of aminoacyl-tRNAs includes at least one tRNA for each of the 20 amino acids as well as purified isoacceptor tRNA species for arginine, glycine, leucine, lysine, and tyrosine. In the first competition study, [3H]Phe-tRNA was used as the competing aminoacyl-tRNA against [14C]aminoacyl-tRNA in the set of all tRNAs; in the second study, [3H]Leu-tRNALeu4 was used as the competing aminoacyl-tRNA. The relative order of aminoacyl-tRNA affinities for EF-Tu-GTP was the same in each study. The results indicate that the affinity of EF-Tu-GTP at 4 degrees C, pH 7.4, is strongest for Gln-tRNA and weakest for Val-tRNA. Both Gly-tRNA and Pro-tRNA bind very strongly to EF-Tu-GTP relative to other aminoacyl-tRNAs. Various models of ternary complex interactions are discussed in light of the new data. Although the properties of the amino acid substituent are primarily responsible for the differences in relative affinities among the noninitiator aminoacyl-tRNAs, the results for the four isoacceptor species of Leu-tRNALeu indicate that the secondary structural features of the tRNA are also influential.

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