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J Pediatr. 1984 Mar;104(3):370-3.

Autoimmunity in congenital rubella syndrome.


Two hundred one deaf adolescents with congenital rubella syndrome and 83 age-matched deaf control subjects were evaluated for the presence of organ-specific antibodies directed against thyroid microsomes, thyroglobulin, pancreatic islets, adrenal cortex, and gastric parietal cells. Positive thyroid microsomal or thyroglobulin antibodies were found in 23.3% (47/201) of the rubella group and in 12.0% (10/83) of control subjects. Nine of 46 (19.6%) in the rubella group and two of nine (22.2%) control subjects with thyroid autoimmunity had thyroid gland dysfunction as indicated by elevated serum TSH concentrations. Neither islet cell nor adrenal cortical antibodies were detected in any subject tested; parietal cell antibodies were detected in 5.5% (8/146) of those in the rubella group and 8.8% (6/68) of control subjects tested, but occurred most frequently in subjects with thyroid autoimmunity (6/36, 16.7% vs 8/178, 4.5%; P less than 0.05). It is recommended that all patients with congenital rubella syndrome be screened for thyroid autoimmunity and that those with positive antibody titers be evaluated for the presence of thyroid dysfunction.

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