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J Biol Chem. 1984 Mar 10;259(5):3044-6.

The stereochemical course of phospho transfer catalyzed by adenylosuccinate synthetase. A reaction pathway via a phosphorylated intermediate with net inversion.


The stereochemical course of phospho transfer in the reaction catalyzed by adenylosuccinate synthetase from rat muscle has been determined with chiral [gamma-17O,18O]GTP gamma S as a substrate. The stereochemical configuration of the product, inorganic thiophosphate, was determined by 31P NMR after the compound was stereospecifically incorporated into ATP beta S. The reaction goes with net inversion of configuration, which is the course for a single phospho transfer, even though 6-phospho-IMP is probably an intermediate on the normal reaction pathway (Liebermann, I. (1956) J. Biol. Chem. 223, 327-339). The breakdown of this intermediate goes by C-O bond cleavage and so is not a true phospho transfer step. Thus, inversion of configuration during the course of this ligase reaction is consistent with a single phospho transfer step in the overall reaction, the formation of the phosphorylated intermediate.

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