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Am J Gastroenterol. 1984 Feb;79(2):95-7.

A prospective study of relationships between benign gastric ulcer, Candida, and medical treatment.


Results of a multicenter prospective study on the relationships between benign gastric ulcer, Candida, and medical treatment is reported. In a group of 66 patients, mycetes were seen in six cases (9.1%). Candida-contaminated ulcers were diagnosed solely by histological examination, with periodic acid-Schiff staining being more effective than hematoxylin and eosin staining. All contaminated ulcers were healed by treatment either with cimetidine alone, or combined cimetidine-carbenoxolone, without antimycotics. No cases of Candida-contaminated ulcers were seen after 6 wk of treatment. The finding of contamination was more common in older patients. Under the conditions of our study, Candida-contamination of benign gastric ulcers does not affect the rate of healing, does not need specific treatment, and has no particular endoscopic features. Cimetidine or carbenoxolone treatment was not associated with persistence of the fungus.

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