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EMBO J. 1983;2(10):1625-31.

Characterization of the SS-B (La) antigen in adenovirus-infected and uninfected HeLa cells.


The molecular composition and subcellular localization of the antigens recognized by anti-SS-B (La or Ha) antibodies was investigated. Ten anti-SS-B sera were selected by indirect immunofluorescence and by their immunological identity in counter-immunoelectrophoresis (CIE) with an anti-SS-B reference serum. All sera precipitated virus-associated (VA) RNA from cellular extracts of adenovirus-infected HeLa cells. Earlier results had shown that in adenovirus-infected HeLa cells a cellular 50 000 mol. wt. protein was tightly associated with VA RNA in situ. Our present results indicate that this 50 000 protein is the only SS-B antigen present in adenovirus-infected as well as in uninfected cells. A major part (greater than 80%) of the SS-B antigen is present in a readily extractable, soluble form. The rest is found in an insoluble form tightly associated with an internal nuclear structure that is mostly referred to as the nuclear matrix. Both forms are very susceptible to proteolytic degradation resulting in at least two distinct breakdown products of mol. wts. 40 000 and 25 000. The cellular 50 000 polypeptide is present in extracts of various types of cells and tissues, indicating that this antigen is very well conserved during evolution. The association of the 50 000 mol. wt. antigen with host- as well as viral-coded RNA polymerase III products also suggests an important function for this protein in the metabolism of these small RNAs.

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