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Gene. 1983 Jul;23(1):65-73.

Cloning of infectious adeno-associated virus genomes in bacterial plasmids.


We describe the construction of two Escherichia coli hybrid plasmids, each of which contains the entire 4.7-kb DNA genome of the human parvovirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV) type 2. Because the AAV genome was inserted into the plasmid DNA using BglII linkers the entire virus genome can be recovered by in vitro cleavage of the purified recombinant plasmid. Transfection of these recombinant DNAs into an adenovirus-transformed human cell line in the presence of helper adenovirus resulted in efficient rescue and replication of the AAV genome and production of fully infectious virus particles. These AAV-plasmid recombinant DNA molecules should be useful both for site-specific mutagenesis of the viral genome and to study the potential of AAV as a eukaryotic vector.

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