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Biochemistry. 1983 May 24;22(11):2601-10.

Sequence-specific interaction of R17 coat protein with its ribonucleic acid binding site.


The interaction between phage R17 coat protein and its RNA binding site for translational repression was studied as an example of a sequence-specific RNA--protein interaction. Nuclease protection and selection experiments define the binding site to about 20 contiguous nucleotides which form a hairpin. A nitrocellulose filter retention assay is used to show that the binding between the coat protein and a synthetic 21-nucleotide RNA fragment conforms to a simple bimolecular reaction. Unit stoichiometry and a Kd of about 1 nM are obtained at 2 degrees C in buffer containing 0.19 M salt. The interaction is highly sequence specific since a variety of RNAs failed to compete with the 21-nucleotide fragment for coat protein binding.

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