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Biochem Pharmacol. 1983 Jul 1;32(13):1989-93.

Effects of PGI2 on platelet aggregation and adenylate cyclase activity in human type IIa hypercholesterolemia.


The sensitivity to PGI2 of platelets of 20 selected type IIa hypercholesterolemic patients was studied and compared to that of platelets of 14 normocholesterolemic subjects. Type IIa subjects required higher concentrations of PGI2 to inhibit platelet aggregation elicited by 1 microM ADP, 1 microgram/ml collagen and 1.4 microM epinephrine. Adenylate cyclase activity was also measured in washed platelet membranes from the two groups of subjects. Adenylate cyclase activity, both basal and PGI2-stimulated, was not statistically different in the two groups examined. Therefore changes at the level of PGI2 receptors coupled to adenylate cyclase are not likely to be responsible for the different platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin.

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