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In Vitro. 1983 Mar;19(3 Pt 1):147-58.

Characterization of a new human endometrial carcinoma (RL95-2) established in tissue culture.


A new human endometrial cell line, RL95-2, derived from a Grade 2 moderately differentiated adenosquamous carcinoma of the endometrium has been passaged successfully in cell culture for more than 2 yr. The cells are characteristically epithelioid with well-defined junctional complexes, tonofilaments, filopodialike extensions, and surface microvilli. Nuclei are large, irregular, and invaginated frequently with multiple, prominent, lamellar nucleoli. The cells have a log phase doubling time of 22 to 34 h followed by continued growth at a reduced rate with no apparent plateau phase. They exhibit a strong tendency for piling up as well as for the formation of glandlike dome structures. Karyotypically the line is trisomic 8 (47,XX,+8) and has an 8% frequency of polyploidization. Both cytoplasmic and nuclear estrogen receptors are present. Antihuman alpha-keratin characterizes the cell line as epithelial, nonstromal. The RL95-2 cell line may provide a useful in vitro system for the investigation of the endocrine regulation of endometrial neoplasia.

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