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Nature. 1984 Mar 8-14;308(5955):145-9.

A human T cell-specific cDNA clone encodes a protein having extensive homology to immunoglobulin chains.


We have cloned and sequenced a human mRNA specific for mammalian T-lymphoid cells. The message was found to be expressed in human and murine T lymphoblasts, thymocytes and phytohaemagglutinin-stimulated T lymphocytes. The protein deduced from the cDNA sequence has a molecular weight of 34,938 and shows extensive similarity to the entire length of the variable, joining and constant regions of mammalian immunoglobulin light chains. In addition, the relative positions of the cysteine residues are similar to those of the light chains of murine and human immunoglobulin molecules. These properties suggest that the cDNA clone may correspond to a message that specifies part of the human T-cell receptor.

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