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Cell Immunol. 1984 Oct 15;88(2):531-9.

The effect of age on the antigen-presenting mechanism in limiting dilution precursor cell frequency analysis.


We have utilized limiting dilution analysis (LDA)2 to compare the intrinsic precursor cytotoxic T lymphocyte (pCTL) frequency for influenza-plus-self in young and old C57BL/6 mice. Under conditions of excess interleukin 2 (IL-2) and antigen presenting cells (APC) derived from spleens of mice matched in age to those being tested, we found more than a twofold difference in pCTL frequency between young and old animals. However, there was no difference in pCTL frequency between the two age groups if antigen was presented to the old responder cells on spleen cells derived from young mice. The apparent decrease in pCTL frequency in old mice by standard LDA may in fact be due to a defect in the antigen processing and/or presentation mechanism of old spleen cells. We conclude that the age-associated defective CTL activity previously reported by us and by others may be due at least in part to a defect in the antigen presentation mechanism of aging mice.

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