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Nucleic Acids Res. 1984 Jun 11;12(11):4531-8.

Evolution of haptoglobin: comparison of complementary DNA encoding Hp alpha 1S and Hp alpha 2FS.


Haptoglobin is a transport glycoprotein which removes free hemoglobin from the circulation of vertebrates. In human populations haptoglobin is polymorphic due to three alleles, Hp alpha 1F, Hp alpha 1S and Hp alpha 2. The Hp alpha 2 allele is roughly twice the length of the Hp alpha 1 alleles and is the product of a partial gene duplication possibly resulting from an unequal crossover event in a heterozygous genotype Hp alpha 1F/Hp alpha 1S. In the study described here we compare the cDNA encoding Hp alpha 1S to that encoding Hp alpha 2FS . Both have a leader sequence followed by the genotypic alpha chain sequence, a beta sequence and an untranslated sequence in the 3' end. The cDNA encoding Hp alpha 2FS is composed of alpha 1F and alpha 1S domains differing by four nucleotide replacements. Hp alpha 1S cDNA contains the same replacement site mutations found in the alpha 1S domain of Hp alpha 2FS , indicating that this coding region has sustained few, if any, mutations since its incorporation into the Hp alpha 2FS gene.

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