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EMBO J. 1982;1(9):1043-8.

The nucleotide sequence of the dnaA gene promoter and of the adjacent rpmH gene, coding for the ribosomal protein L34, of Escherichia coli.


The nucleotide sequence was determined of a 945-bp EcoRI fragment from the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome at 82 min containing the promoter region of the dnaA gene. This nucleotide sequence contained a coding sequence identical to the amino acid sequence of the ribosomal protein L34 , designated rpmH . The rimA mutation, which affects the maturation of 50S ribosomal particles, may be an allele of the rpmH gene since it maps close to, or within, the L34 coding sequence. The rpmH gene and the dnaA gene are transcribed in the clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, respectively. Nuclease S1 mapping of transcripts indicated the existence of two major promoters for the L34 gene and two promoters for the dnaA gene within the 945-bp EcoRI fragment.

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