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J Mol Biol. 1984 May 25;175(3):331-48.

A 37 X 10(3) molecular weight plasmid-encoded protein is required for replication and copy number control in the plasmid pSC101 and its temperature-sensitive derivative pHS1.


Nucleotide sequences were determined for a region essential for autonomous replication and partitioning of pSC101, a plasmid whose replication is dependent on the Escherichia coli dnaA gene product. The essential replication region contains one long coding sequence, rep101 , for a protein composed of 316 amino acids, and a polypeptide approximately 37 X 10(3) Mr in size was identified as the rep101 gene product. rep101 is preceded by two inverted repeat sequences, three directly repeated sequences and a region of high A + T content containing a sequence similar to the E. coli oriC consensus sequence. Because the lesions in seven replication-deficient insertion mutants, four mutants with increased copy number and one temperature-sensitive replication mutant occur within rep101 , the rep101 gene product must control pSC101 replication and copy number. par, a region adjacent to the replication region, which functions in stable plasmid inheritance, contains several inverted repeat sequences.

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