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J Clin Chem Clin Biochem. 1984 Mar;22(3):245-51.

Multicentre study of a new enzymatic method of cholesterol determination.


A new enzymatic method for the determination of cholesterol in serum and plasma was evaluated in 8 separate laboratories in comparison with routine and reference methods. Investigation of the analytical reliability in the 2-26 mmol/l measurement range showed the following results: At the set reading points (10 min at 25 degrees C and 5 min at 37 degrees C) the reaction shows complete substrate conversion. The colour complex is stable over a period of 60 min. The response to cholesterol is linear up to 26 mmol/l. Precision within the series was 0.6-2.8% in 20 determinations (coefficient of variation). Day to day precision was 0.5-3.3% in triple determinations of 10 days (coefficient of variation). Accuracy was studied with 2 samples (assigned value: 3.52 and 6.70 mmol/l respectively). In the case of sample 1 the mean for the 8 laboratories was 3.44, with a median of 3.44; for sample 2 the values were 6.68 and 6.72. The results demonstrate an excellent transferability. In comparison with other enzymatic procedures, the values found with the new test were 5-10% higher; these results agree at all concentration ranges with the reference methods of Abell & Kendall and with those from mass spectrometry.

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