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Cell. 1984 May;37(1):195-204.

Intracellular receptor sorting during endocytosis: comparative immunoelectron microscopy of multiple receptors in rat liver.


Using double-label quantitative immunoelectron microscopy on ultrathin cryosections of rat liver, we have compared the endocytotic pathways of the receptors for asialoglycoprotein (ASGP-R), mannose-6-phosphate ligands (MP-R), and polymeric IgA (IgA-R). All three were found within the Golgi complex, along the entire plasma membrane, in coated pits and vesicles, and within a compartment of uncoupling of receptors and ligand ( CURL ). The receptors occurred randomly at the cell surface, in coated pits and vesicles. Within CURL tubules ASGP-R and MP-R were colocalized , but IgA-R and ASGP-R displayed dramatic microheterogeneity. Thus, in addition to its role in uncoupling and sorting recycling receptor from ligand, CURL serves as a compartment to segregate recycling receptor (e.g. ASGP-R) from receptor involved in transcytosis (e.g. IgA-R).

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