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Cell. 1984 May;37(1):141-50.

Murine leukemia virus-induced T-cell lymphomagenesis: integration of proviruses in a distinct chromosomal region.


A number of mink cell focus-forming (MCF) proviruses was molecularly cloned from mouse lymphoma DNA. From each clone, flanking probes were prepared to detect common integration regions in other MuLV-induced lymphomas. One clone frequently revealed variations in the molecular structure of the corresponding region (Pim-1) in other lymphomas. The results show the following. Changes in the Pim region are seen in 24 out of 93 lymphomas tested. Over 50% of the early T-cell lymphomas show integration in the Pim-1 region. The alterations are seen in different mouse strains and with various MuLVs. The observed variations are caused by the integration of predominantly MCF genomes. All integrations occur in a region spanning less than 20 kb and are associated with the transcriptional activation of a distinct region within the Pim-1 domain. The activated region does not show any homology with 13 known and three putative oncogenes.

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