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Virology. 1984 Jan 30;132(2):377-89.

Restriction of Moloney murine leukemia virus replication in Moloney murine sarcoma virus-infected cells.


MuSV349 is a TB-cell line which produces infectious MuSV with little or no MuLV detectable by the XC assay. The apparent restriction of MuLV replication in MuSV349 cells was investigated. A replication-competent helper virus, with protein composition nearly identical to that of Mo-MuLV was isolated from the viruses produced by MuSV349 cells. This helper MuLV after it was separated from MuSV and upon infection of TB cells produced viral titer similar to that of Mo-MuLV-infected TB cells indicating that its replication might have been restricted in the MuSV349 cells. To find out whether the suppression of the helper virus replication is due to the genetic peculiarities of the virus or MuSV349 cells, the relative amounts of MuLV and MuSV produced by several distinct clonal MuSV isolates (derived from a common progenitor) upon superinfection with Mo-MuLV were determined. The results of these experiments showed that while both SV7 and SV15F on coinfection with Mo-MuLV produced MuSV in excess over MuLV; and ts110 and tsSV13 on coinfection with Mo-MuLV produced MuLV in excess over MuSV. Since the same Mo-MuLV is used in these experiments and since upon transfer to a different cell, SV7, SV15F, and ts110 retain the property to restrict or not restrict MuLV replication it appears that the above property is determined by the genetics of the MuSV.

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