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EMBO J. 1983;2(12):2185-8.

Tupaia (tree shrew) adenovirus DNA: sequence of the left-hand fragment corresponding to the transforming early region of human adenoviruses.


The nucleotide sequence of the left-hand region of the adenovirus DNA of the phylogenetically interesting tree shrew, (Tupaia belangeri) has been determined. Transcription signals, initiation codons, splice sites and termination codons were assigned on the basis of its relatedness to the EIA region of human adenoviruses 5, 7 and 12. A consensus sequence for encapsidation of adenoviral DNA that is based on the established packaging region of adenovirus 16 is proposed. The sequenced region includes the gene for a 18 000 dalton polypeptide that corresponds to the EIA proteins of the transforming region of the human serotypes. The deduced amino acid sequence of the 18 000 dalton TAV polypeptide contains a highly conserved central domain that is homologous to the middle of the 30 000 dalton polypeptides of human adenovirus indicating the significance of the central amino acid residues for the biological function of the EIA proteins.

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