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Cell. 1984 Feb;36(2):259-68.

Viral and cellular fos proteins: a comparative analysis.


The FBJ murine osteosarcoma virus (FBJ-MuSV) induces osteosarcomas in mice and transforms fibroblasts in vitro. It contains an oncogene termed v-fos derived from a normal cellular gene by recombination with an associated helper virus. The product of the v-fos gene is a 55,000 dalton protein, p55v-fos. This protein was found in the nuclei of cells containing amplified levels of the v-fos gene, and also in the nuclei of virus-transformed cells. The c-fos protein was localized in the nuclei of normal mouse amnion cells and in the nuclei of cells transformed by a recombinant plasmid that expresses the c-fos gene product. However, p55c-fos undergoes more extensive post-translational modification in the nucleus than p55v-fos. Immunofluorescence data indicate that the level of p55c-fos in normal mouse amnion cells is similar to that found in fibroblasts transformed by the v-fos or c-fos proteins.

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