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Gene. 1983 Oct;24(2-3):207-18.

Structure of the bacteriophage lambda cohesive end site: location of the sites of terminase binding (cosB) and nicking (cosN).


The extents of the sites for nicking (cosN) and binding (cosB) of bacteriophage lambda DNA by terminase have been determined by studying cos cleavage and terminase binding in vitro. The cosN site is located in the segment from -22 to +24 bp (numbered from the center of the cohesive end sequence in the circular lambda genome). The cosB site is located in the segment from +51 to +120 (the +120 boundary determined by Miwa and Matsubara, 1983). Additional sequences are necessary for packaging into infectious phage particles, including regions to the left (Rz gene side) of cosN, and between cosN and cosB. Small deletions (7 and 11 bp) between cosN and cosB abolish packaging in vivo without affecting cos binding and cleavage in vitro, whereas a large deletion (26 bp) abolishes packaging in vivo and cleavage in vitro.

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