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EMBO J. 1983;2(10):1715-9.

Avidin is induced in chicken embryo fibroblasts by viral transformation and cell damage.


Synthesis and secretion of avidin was studied in cultured chicken embryo fibroblasts infected with transforming retroviruses (Rous sarcoma virus, its mutants temperature-sensitive for transformation, OK-10 virus) or a nontransforming retrovirus (RAV-1). Avidin was detectable in both transformed and untransformed cultures, and was identical to chicken egg white avidin by several criteria: biotin-binding, heat-induced biotin exchange, subunit size (mol. wt. 15 600), immunoprecipitation of metabolically labeled proteins and immunoblotting. Transformation increased the production of avidin up to 50-fold, but several experiments suggested that the induction was not a direct consequence of virus-induced cell transformation. The production of avidin seemed to relate to cellular damage both in cultures of virus-transformed and of normal fibroblasts. It may represent a response to cellular damage and viral transformation may activate the process.

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