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Immunogenetics. 1983;18(4):387-97.

Nucleotide sequence of a rabbit IgG heavy chain from the recombinant F-I haplotype.


We report the sequence of a cDNA encoding a rabbit immunoglobulin gamma heavy chain of d12 and e14 allotypes with high homology to partial cDNA sequences from rabbits of d11 and e15 allotypes. The encoded rabbit protein shows homologies with human (68-70%) and mouse (60-63%) gamma chains. The nucleotide sequence homologies of the CH domains range from 76-84% with human and 64-76% with mouse sequences. Comparison of the portion of VH encoding amino acid positions 34-112 with a previously determined VH sequence of the same allotype shows high conservation of sequences in the second and third framework segments but more marked differences both in length and encoded amino acids of the second and third complementarity-determining regions (CDRs). We also found a high degree of homology with a human genomic V-region, VH26 (77%) and a remarkable similarity between rabbit and human second CDR sequences and human genomic D minigenes. These results provide additional evidence that D minigene sequences share information with the CDR2 portion of VH regions.

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