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Cell. 1983 Nov;35(1):285-93.

Developmental and genetic regulation of Bacillus subtilis genes transcribed by sigma 28-RNA polymerase.


Sigma-28 RNA polymerase is a minor form of Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase that is highly specific for transcription from a small number of promoter sites in the B. subtilis genome. We have followed transcription from two of these loci (P28-1 and P28-2) in vivo using a quantitative S1 nuclease mapping procedure. Both promoters are used at a modest rate in vegetatively growing cells (about 10 RNA copies per cell) and transcripts are initiated at the same start sites as found in vitro with the purified sigma 28-RNA polymerase. Transcription from the sigma 28 promoters varies somewhat with growth conditions and is shut off rapidly and almost completely after the first hour of sporulation. Neither sigma 28 transcripts is detected in vegetative cells of certain B. subtilis mutants (spoO classes A, B, E, and F) that are defective in sporulation. Transcription from these promoters is restored in second site revertants that are able to sporulate. Hence the action of sigma 28-RNA polymerase appears to be regulated by the spoO genes and the functions controlled by sigma 28-promoters may be closely tied to the system involved in the initiation of sporulation.

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